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Data Engineer

Have you mentored and lead software teams to victory? Can you manage clients to success? Do you have a flood of ideas to contribute to world of big data? Want a bigger platform to speak from?


Data Scientist

Are you an experienced technologist, statistician – and more? Do you thrive by helping your team execute data science solutions that deliver client value? Want to associate with leading thinkers in the big data space?


Software Engineer

Do you dream software architecture? Would you like to design and build software systems that can reliably process petabytes of data? Do you know what it takes to build systems that are robust, maintainable, scalable and fault-tolerant? Would you like to see your software deployed at major corporation and laboratories throughout the world?

The Leader in Big Data
What Skills Do Think Big Look For?

Team Leaders

Ben Mackenzie
Ben Mackenzie Principal Architect
Dan Mallinger
Dan Mallinger Data Science Practice Manager
Daniel Eklund
Daniel Eklund Engineering Practice Manager
Douglas Moore
Douglas Moore Principal Consultant
Halim Abbas
Halim Abbas Principal Data Scientist
Jeff Breen
Jeffrey Breen Director, Think Big Academy
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Why You Should Work at Think Big
Why You Should Work at Think Big

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